I have been a client of Suzan for years and she does the best job of any of the Brazilian waxing salons I have been to. Her new location is really posh and clean and located conveniently in Bellevue.

I strongly feel she’s taken any feedback very seriously- my experiences do not reflect those below at all.

The three things I can consistently count on and admire about her services:
*The smoothest privates – very little breakage and she gets all of it
*She’s totally confident and comfortable with what she’s doing- which lets her amazing personality shine through.
*Fast. We are talking everything off in 15 or fewer minutes.

-Debdeb B (10/15/2011)

This was my first Brazilian wax, I was very nervous and anxious about the pain. I was also a bit inhibited. She was great! Quick, great quality and results. I highly recommend Susan.

-Cyndi R (7/23/2011)

Oh my gosh! Suzan is amazing! I’ve worked in the spa industry for years and Suzan gives the best, fastest and least painful wax I’ve ever had. She is a godsend for sensitive skin and an artist when it comes to the bikini zone! Her new location is also cute and private. Try Suzan and you’ll throw away your razor!

Sarah H (6/10/2011)

I just had my first-ever wax, and Susan made it easy! The salon is nice, the whole thing (legs plus brazillian) took a half hour, and she was a lot of fun. I will definately be going back.

Jami C (5/3/2011)

Still the most fabulous brazilian ever! Suzan has been waxing me for over 10 years and now is located in this fabulous beautiful new location. Anyone would be hard pressed to find anyone better!

-Jeni T (4/21/2011)

I have been Suzan’s Customer for over 6 years now. I get my back, chest and arms waxed. prior to meeting Suzan I have gone to number of different salons and my experience was awful. firstly with the personality of the people (dryness and sense of feeling like a stranger) and also pain, lack of skills and finaly overall service finaly left me not even getting wax and I went back to my raser, untill I met Suzan, I remember when I went in her salon with some questions. I was awed by how friendly she was and the over all first impression of her Salon shocked me. I have never felt this good. then she waxed my chest since it was always the most painful experience, she waxed my chest with her painless technique and instantly I was hooked. she is aaaaaaaaaaamazing, I will recommend her to any any anybody. just go and talk to her, and you will see what I am talking about…

-Alex P (3/10/2011)

Suzan Tajer is THE BEST Brazilian waxer ever! I’ve been to millions of salons and spas, and they take over 30 minutes to wax my bikini area, Suzan does it in 2 minutes! And literally its painless compared to everywhere else I’ve gone to. On top of being gifted at what she does, she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get any kind of wax, she simply is the best in the business.

-Melissa S. (8/2/2010)

Suzan is beyond amazing. I first went to her at 18 for my first bikini wax, aving heard about her from a friend when she worked out of a Bellevue hair salon. The whole waxing takes maybe 7 minutes. and I have only uttered a few little “ow”s ever. with Suzan it goes: walk in, take off lower clothes, sit on table, “you want me to leave a little?”, lay on table, she moves you around as needed, cleans off sitcky tidbits, get up, pay and leave. There is not even really time for chit chat. Her prices have gone up since 2001, from $40 to $60, but she moved into her own suite in Kirkland. And man she is worth it, and salons in Seattle charge the same or more. She is wonderful for a first-timer. If there were ten stars she would get’m all!

-Rebecca K. (4/18/2008)

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