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Brazilian Wax | Bellevue Day Spa & Salon | Redmond KirklandThe Signature Brazilian Waxing Technique craze is sweeping the globe, and it isn’t just for the bikini season! This technique can only be imagined until you try it for yourself, and then you’ll be hooked! The Brazilian bikini wax technique removes hair from all those areas that you can’t see or shave, leaving you clean, soft, and SEXY! Go Brazilian for yourself and your personal life – you’ll love it!

What is a Brazilian bikini wax?

Brazilian waxing refers to hair removal around the anus, perineum and vagina. It is named for Brazil, the country in which it originated. It was first used for women wanting to wear the then-new thong bikinis. To some people it means removing all the hair from the bikini area, and to others it means removing everything but a strip in the front. The Brazilian technique has gained in popularity and involves removal of most hair from the bikini area, leaving only a small strip of hair.

This is a very intimate type of waxing and will only be performed after careful consultation. How closely you trim, shave or wax your pubic hair is a personal preference. You should do whatever makes you comfortable, whether it’s a bare look or a more natural look.

The benefits are similar to those of other types of waxing, such as: lack of razor burn and softer hair regrowth. The disadvantages are also similar, though since it is performed on the most sensitive region of the body, the pain can be more acute. While some types of waxing may safely be done on oneself, Brazilian waxing is not. It is recommended to have a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician perform this procedure.

Signature Brazilian WaxingWhat is the procedure for Brazilian bikini waxing?

To begin, the hair is snipped with scissors and then wax is applied a little at a time. The hair is removed and the procedure continues. The wax used for this procedure is a no-strip wax, meaning it is applied to the hair to be removed, it “shrink-wraps” around the hairs, and is pulled off after it dries. The wax is made for sensitive skin, so it’s great for bikini/Brazilian waxing. While waxing, it’s best to pull the skin tight, so you may be asked to help stabilize an area with your hand, especially when towards the middle of the labia where there’s no firm bone or muscle underneath. We’ll do as much as possible, then you’ll lie on one side, draped with the towel, and we’ll wax in the gluteal crease, if necessary. Stray hairs may also be tweezed.

After the hairs are removed, a first-aid solution containing lavender is applied to help soothe the area. It is a botanical solution, so please advise your skin care therapist if you are allergic to any foods – because if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put the extracts on your skin.

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