Why You Should Wax During the Winter

Wax during the winterNow that winter is officially here and the cold weather has set in across the nation, it’s likely your daily wardrobe will change. Shorts, tank tops, and sun dresses are packed away, and out come the warmer leggings, jeans, and sweatpants! The question is, if you’ll mostly be wearing clothes that hide your skin from view, do you really need to wax during the winter? If no one but you will see your legs on a regular basis, what’s the point, right? Wrong. Actually, there are several reasons you should seriously consider keeping your salon appointments over the next few months. Here’s why you should continue waxing this winter.

1. Continued Hair Conditioning

No really, this is important! Hairs actually grow at varying rates, which is why you might have noticed the hairs on your upper thighs sometimes being shorter than the ones on your calves. By waxing regularly, you are effectively conditioning your hairs to grow at the same time. This causes uniform growth between treatments!

2. Less Painful Sessions

While beautiful, silky smooth skin is amazing, the actual process of waxing can sometimes be painful. One thing that contributes to painful waxing sessions is excessive exposure to the sun, which often occurs during the summer when you’re showing off your lovely legs. Seeing a salon professional in the winter when your skin has a break from the sun can result in less painful treatments.

3. Fewer and Finer Hairs

As you know, one of the major benefits of waxing regularly is that your hair will grow back finer each time. Eventually, after enough waxing sessions, your hair will stop growing back altogether. By continuing waxing in the winter, you’re consistently working towards your ultimate goal of gloriously hairless beauty.

Need to Schedule / Reschedule Waxing Sessions for this Winter?

Already canceled all of your winter waxing appointments? Don’t worry! Suzan Tajer Salon will be happy to schedule you for waxing sessions this winter. Our salon has a lot to offer, including waxing and lipomassage treatments perfect for anyone. For more information about our salon, visit our website or call us at (206) 489-3378. Feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a free consultation.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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