3 Reasons to Consider Letting Your Daughter Wax

waxingAs a parent, you always want to do what’s right for your children. If you’re a mother with a teenage daughter, it’s likely your little girl will ask about waxing soon, if she hasn’t already. You will definitely want to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of waxing thoroughly with your daughter. Here are three great reasons it might be a good idea to invite her to the salon with you.

1. Waxing Boosts Self-Confidence

One of the primary reasons your daughter may be interested in waxing is because she’s concerned with her appearance. If your girl participates in sports or lots of outdoor activities, she may become self-conscious about the way the hair on her legs looks. While shaving is certainly an option, it does take much longer and is far less efficient.

2. Waxing Limits Future Hair Growth

Does thick, dark hair run in your family? If so, letting your daughter start waxing early may be beneficial. Waxing makes hair grow back lighter and finer. Beginning waxing at a young age could help her minimize hair growth, ultimately making it less noticeable. Talk to your salon professional for more information about future hair growth.

3. Waxing Can Be a Bonding Experience

Not only does waxing boost confidence and limit future hair growth, it also offers the perfect opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding. Why not make a day of it? The two of you can wax, get manicures and pedicures, and hit a few stores for some afternoon shopping!

Ready to Let Your Daughter Wax?

If you’ve discussed waxing in detail with your daughter and think it would impact her life in a positive way, schedule and appointment for the two of you at Suzan Tajer Salon today. We offer a variety of great services, including both waxing and lipomassage. Let us make you and your daughter’s salon experience a great one! Call (206) 489-3378 right now to speak with a specialist about our free consultation offer for new customers.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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