Waxing for Men: A Rising Trend

Waxing Hair RemovalWaxing isn’t just for women anymore. In fact, more and more men are scheduling regular salon visits to help keep unwanted hair at bay. While some might find this trend surprising, it really isn’t that remarkable. Men, after all, struggle with hair removal just as much as women. It’s actually more surprising that it has taken so long for men to realize the benefits waxing has to offer. Here are four reasons that waxing for men is on the rise!

1. Timesaver

It doesn’t matter where you’re shaving, it takes time and concentration to get the job done right. Time today, time tomorrow, time the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. Shaving is actually incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, women and men can both save loads of time by scheduling waxing sessions instead of shaving themselves. One short waxing appointment can keep unwanted hair out of your thoughts for up to six weeks.

2. Clean and Toned Look

There’s a reason male models wax their chests. The results really speak for themselves. Muscles are more defined and the overall look is cleaner. Many men, especially those who frequent the gym, wax to help show off their progress. What’s more, removing chest and underarm hair can make working out more comfortable.

3. Personal Preference

Smooth skin is attractive. Men like it, and so do women. In fact, some men wax because their spouses prefer it. Waxing also produces a clean and “put together” look than many men enjoy.

4. More Hygienic

It’s no secret that hair holds a lot of moisture. This is okay after a shower, but it’s a totally different story after a workout or on a hot day. Men tend to sweat far more than women and the resulting smell can sometimes be embarrassing. Waxing with a Salon professional can help limit unwanted body odors, as well as cut down on unsightly cuts and scars from razor blades.

Waxing for Men

Are you a man who’s interested in giving waxing a try? Suzan Tajer Salon can help! We offer a variety of waxing services and would be happy to offer you a free consultation. For more information about our salon, visit our website. Call us at (206) 489-3378 to schedule an appointment today.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Waxing for Men

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