Waxing Tips for Sensitive Skin

suzan-t-6So you’re interested in waxing but worried about how your sensitive skin will react to the procedure? You may not be doomed to deal with unwanted hair and razors for the rest of your life. While it’s impossible to know for sure exactly how your skin will respond, there are some things you can do to ease the process and address any adverse effects after the waxing is done. Here are five great waxing tips for people who have sensitive skin.

1. Work with a Professional

As someone with sensitive skin, the absolute worst waxing mistake you can make is to try to do it yourself. While you can read labels and think you’ve selected the best product, a salon professional will know the ins-and-outs of different items much better, as well as how to manage the risks and recovery.

2. Voice Your Concerns

Going to a salon is a great start, but don’t forget to tell your waxing professional about your sensitive skin! The only way she can help is if she knows, so make sure you discuss your worries, skin, and previous irritants openly before proceeding.

3. Watch What You Wear

Wearing tight pants, leggings, or hose right after waxing can be the cause of further discomfort. Waxing leaves your sensitive skin more susceptible to irritation, so make sure you dress comfortably afterward.

4. Get Your Skin a Break

Similarly, it’s important that you refrain from putting your sensitive skin through further stress. While it can be tempting to show off your newly smooth skin, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, saunas, and synthetics for the first day or two after waxing.

5. Sooth Affected Areas

If you experience irritation and redness after waxing, cold compresses and ointments may help. Make sure to use products that won’t make the irritation worse, like aloe, natural oils, chamomile, and cucumber.

Start Waxing Today

Ready to speak with a salon specialist about your sensitive skin and waxing? Suzan Tajer Salon can help! We combine ancient secrets of beauty into our services by using aloe-based wax and Azulene cream rosin wax for clients with sensitive skin. We also use a lavender based topical to aid in healing and recovery. To learn more about our salon and services, make sure you visit our website or call (206) 489-3378 to schedule your free consultation today!

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Gentle Waxing for Sensitive Skin

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