5 Things to Know About Brazilian Waxing

suzan-t-4Warmer weather is finally here! As you begin planning for a summer filled with fun in the sun, you may also wonder if it’s time to start waxing. While getting your legs waxed is one thing, deciding to schedule a Brazilian wax is something else entirely. Just like any other procedure, there are several factors you should consider before making your salon appointment. To help you decide if Brazilian waxing is right for you and your summer plans, here are five things to keep in mind.

1. Brazilian Waxing Should be Done by a Professional

While there are many types of waxing that you can do yourself or with a friend, Brazilian waxes are not one of them. You will definitely want to work with a licensed cosmetologist during this procedure.

2. It’s Awkward, but not That Awkward

The process of Brazilian waxing can be a little intimidating, as you’ll be exposed during the procedure. It’s different than seeing a gynecologist, however, as your salon professional will make every effort to ensure you’re as comfortable and covered up as possible.

3. It Doesn’t Hurt as Much as You Expect

Obviously, waxing anywhere causes a certain level of pain, but Brazilian waxing isn’t as bad as rumored. The application of wax is actually quite pleasant and the removal of hair only stings for a few seconds. It’s also likely that the more often you schedule Brazilian waxes, the less the procedure will hurt over time.

4. Your Salon is a Judgement-Free Zone

If you’re nervous, remember that you’ll be dealing with a salon professional. She’s worked with loads of other women before you. If she judged or made her clients feel uncomfortable during the procedure, she’d be out of a job.

5. Take Preparation Advice Seriously

Before going in for your Brazilian wax, your cosmetologist will likely give you some very specific instructions to follow leading up to your appointment. Taking these things seriously will ensure you’re prepared for your appointment.

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