3 Reasons Why You Should Be Waxing

suzan-t-3Tired of the never-ending ordeal of shaving your legs every couple days and then battling the resulting dry skin and razor cuts? Have you tried those messy, store-bought hair removal creams that just never seem to get the job done? With summer quickly approaching, it’s likely the warmer weather will draw you to the beach and pool more, and you certainly don’t want to worry about whether you remembered to shave. Maybe you’ve thought about waxing before and maybe you haven’t, but here are three compelling reasons why you should add it to your next salon visit.

1. Waxing is Fast and Saves Times

Waxing procedures don’t typically take much time at all. First visits can last up to an hour, but if you decide to continue, future sessions can take as little as 20 minutes. You also don’t have to wax as regularly as you shave. A monthly visit is usually fine and, in some cases, bimonthly will suffice. Think of all the time you’ll save by avoiding shaving regularly!

2. Waxing Causes Hairs to Grow Back Smaller and Softer

After years of shaving, you might have noticed your leg hairs are getting pretty dark and dense. Waxing, however, has the opposite effect. It causes hair to grow back lighter and thinner overtime. In fact, with prolonged wax treatments, it’s not uncommon for people to eventually find it difficult to notice regrown hair at all.

3. Waxing is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you know what a total pain it can be to shave and the aftermath is never enjoyable. With waxing, on the other hand, you are able to choose waxes that are both hypo-allergenic and good for your skin. In fact, many waxes contain soothing elements and moisturizers that leave your legs feeling silky smooth and irritation free.

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