Bikini Waxing Trends in Bellevue

suzan tajerAlthough laser hair removal gets a lot of buzz these days, it does have drawbacks. The procedure can cause damage and is very expensive. Plus, because it’s a permanent hair removal option, you can’t grow back your hair, or try new styles, the way you can with bikini waxing. And these days, more natural is in.

Waxing Styles

After the past several years of going totally bare with a Brazilian wax, more and more women are going for a more natural look. Even with a natural look, some maintenance helps to keep everything need and tidy. A bikini wax will get you bathing suit ready without going completely bare, and add leg waxing for silky smooth legs as you lay out during a winter vacation. A professional salon will understand and respect your personal preferences.

Personal Preference

Bikini area grooming trends not withstanding, personal preference also plays a major role in upkeep. Some women enjoy the bare, clean feel of a full Brazilian wax. Other ladies prefer to keep things more natural. Still others like to wax a little higher on the legs, allowing for a high cut swimsuit. However you like to maintain your bikini area, special Azulene wax helps to make the process more comfortable than other methods, especially if you have sensitive skin.

No matter what your personal preferences are when it comes to waxing styles and current trends, Suzan Tajer Salon in Bellevue offers a comfortable and understanding environment. We respect all our clients preferences and take care to achieve the result you want with your body. For leg waxing, bikini waxing or Brazilian waxing in Bellevue, call Suzan Tajer Salon today.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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