Why You Should Wax During the Winter

waxing salonCovered up in layers of tights, pants, shirts and rarely spotting a sunny day can make your personal grooming habits go right out the door. Once the calendar marks the first day of spring, it’s easy to reach for the phone and make an appointment for your leg waxing. And as soon as you start thinking about summer, you probably book a bikini waxing. Yet if you’re not wearing shorts or planning to sport a swimsuit anytime soon, your winter waxing routine may wane a bit. Here are five reasons to consider winter waxing:

1. Regulate Hair Growth

Your body hair grows at a different rate in each area. If you continue to wax regularly, even through the winter, your body hair will start to sync up. So, you can make one appointment and take care of all your hair removal needs at once. Or you can skip your winter wax and spend your summer in the salon, waxing one area at a time.

2. Minimize Redness and Irritation

Many people dislike or fear waxing because of the redness that can result afterward. Using Azulene Cream Rosin Wax or aloe-based wax helps to minimize the redness and irritation, but so does getting waxed during the winter. A lot of post-waxing discomfort is actually from outside sources, like sun exposure. Waxing during the winter eliminates a lot of this exposure, thus reducing discomfort.

3. Less Pain with Each Waxing

The more frequently that you wax, the less painful it becomes, even when using Azulene Cream Rosin Wax or aloe-based wax. Save yourself a little pain by sticking to your schedule, even in the winter.

4. Body Hair Reduction

Each time you wax, if you wax regularly, your body hair production is reduced, which means less hair to remove.

5. Just in Case

On the off chance that you show up to yoga class in capris, you’re not going to want to spend your time wishing that your ankles weren’t so hairy. Or if you magically get the chance to go on a spur-of-the-moment romantic getaway, you don’t want to ruin the mood with last minute razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Life is unpredictable, but your waxing schedule doesn’t have to be. Make an appointment at Suzan Trajer Salon in Bellevue by calling (206) 489-3378.

Why Winter Waxing Shouldn’t Go Out the Window

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