How to Choose the Best Wax and Hair Removal for You

Ancient Secrets of Beauty Waxing has been a preferred method of hair removal for eons. However, many continue to labor away with a razor or plucking out individual hairs one by one.

So how do you know what wax to choose once you decide to make an appointment? Having a little knowledge ahead of time is always helpful, but a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician can help you understand and decide what service is best for you. If you’re a newbie waxer deciding between a Brazilian wax with Azulene Cream Rosin Wax or aloe-based wax, read on.

Choosing the Best Types of Wax

A big part of making waxing comfortable is the type of wax that’s used. Different parts of the body have different hair types and sensitivities, so it’s important to find out what types of wax the salon uses. The best types of wax include Azulene Cream Rosin Wax or aloe-based wax. If you have sensitive skin or unusually fine hair, let your waxing professional know ahead of time so she can help you chose the best wax for you.

Choosing Which Areas to Wax

Leg waxing provides better results than shaving. You can wax your own legs, but having it done professionally means you’re less likely to miss spots or make a mess. Plus you’ll enjoy overall better results with less discomfort.

Eyebrows are the beauty statement of the moment and eyebrow waxing can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A professional can find the eyebrow shape that best suits your face.

A Bikini wax or Brazilian wax is perfect before a romantic getaway so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance during vacation. You can even upgrade your usual bikini wax for a Brazilian wax for a sexy new look.

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